I offer unique surf lessons.
Together in a safe and enjoyable 
environment, I will teach you how to surf, we will work on your surf skills and we will catch some waves!

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer!

My lessons are suitable for those who:

  • never surfed before, or tried a few times but never had more opportunities to continue 
  • have surfed before and want to improve their technique.


Made for surfers with a desire to achieve the full potential and capacity of their body and mind, to ultimately, surf better and expand your limits.

The aim of our surf coaching retreats is for each participants to discover new ways of preparing themselves to surf and make of it a new habit in their daily surf routine.

You will learn:

  • Surf Techniques
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Free Body Movement 
  • Video Coaching

Kitesurf lesson

Beginner level kitesurfing course is aimed at all people who wants to take their first steps in this world, and who wants to learn a lot while having fun.
I will start with a theory and practical part on the beach,
to then continue with lessons in the water starting directly from the beach!
Are you ready to become an independent kiter?

Wave Strapless
If you are interested in riding without straps, I am the right person can teach you how to ride with the strapless board!
You are already an independent kiter and can navigate independently with the twin tip board, but would you like to experience the incredible sensation of using surfboards, and therefore want to learn all the techniques needed to ride on the face of the waves? If your answer is yes, than..
are you ready for this new way of kiting? 

SURf and kite rental

  • 1 hour      20 € / 2200 cve
  • 1/2 day    35 € / 3800 cve
  • 1 day        50 € / 5500 cve
  • 2 days      70 € / 7700 cve 

  • 1 hour      70 € /     7700  cve 
  • 2 hour      90 € /     9900  cve
  • 1 day      150 € /  16500  cve
  • 7 days    580 € /  63800  cve
  • 14 days  980 € / 107900 cve